Dr. Tom Jenkins is the Director of Music and Media at the First Baptist Church in Starkville, MS. He is also an adjunct instructor of piano and a collaborative pianist at Mississippi State University. Mutterings and Musings are his own thoughts and opinions and do not necessarily reflect those of FBC Starkville or MSU.

He is forever seeking. Seeking to know the Father more. Seeking to know his place in this world. Seeking to know better productivity. Seeking to know the benefit of discipline and the joy of a quiet life.

He’s active in music: with a Doctorate in Choral Conducting and Pedagogy (and an undergrad in piano), he stays quite busy as a teacher, collaborative pianist, conductor, singer, church musician and writer. He’s quietly passionate about a few things: his wife, his daughters, his family, the Lord, His Savior and the beautiful perspective of truth.